MPX. A high quality, highly attractive food bait, formulated by Jason Hayward

Available to order from just £6.00 per kilo

MPX (Marine Protein Extract) is a complex mix of high grade ingredients, all of which carp naturally find highly stimulating, containing a total of 7 Marine derivatives and extracts, including Low temperature fish meals, Krill meal, Shellfish, Salmon, milk protein powders, cereals, herbal extracts and spices, milk protein based feed palatant, , vitamins.

The ingredients and extracts have been tried and tested over many years to find the precise levels of optimum attraction, palatability and digestibility. This ensures that the carp not only find the bait highly stimulatory in the first instance, but then highly palatable and easily digestible meaning the carp can consume and easily digest large amounts of mpx. This for the angler is a massive edge, because as we all know, the more bait the carp eat, the more likely it is to make a mistake!

MPX derives it's main attraction from the inherent high amino acid content of the ingredients and extracts used, Backed up by a highly stimulatory milk protein feed palatant that is exclusive to us.

This not only gives the bait a unique taste profile, but also locks onto the carp's taste receptors giving it a very moorish, "just one more" appeal, that will keep the carp feeding on the bait.

The inherent high amino acid content and the sweet milk protein palatant makes MPX perfect for very weedy waters gravel pits or silty mere's or estate lakes as the bait has been designed to resist tainting which helps retain the baits attractiveness.

Available from us freshly rolled and delivered to your door or collected from us frozen. Available in 15 mm,18 mm, or 20mm. Also available in the MPX range is cork balls, hard hookers, and high attract paste.

MPX is supplied hard enough to "stick out" but if you don't need to use a throwing stick then we can offer you MPX with a reduced boiling time, which lets the attractors leak out very quickly. A massive edge!

The bait is delivered to the customer freshly rolled and packaged in a strong sealed plastic bag and then placed in a double walled cardboard box to ensure your bait arrives in first class condition. Please see our How to order page for details.

KG Prices inc. Delivery Per kg. Price picked up Per kg.
5kg £41.25 £8.25 £40.00 £8.00
10kg £80.00 £8.00 £75.00 £7.50
20kg £150.00 £7.50 £145.00 £7.25
30kg £210.00 £7.00 £198.00 £6.60
40kg £280.00 £7.00 £264.00 £6.60
50kg £325.00 £6.50 £315.00 £6.30
60kg £390.00 £6.50 £378.00 £6.30
70kg £455.00 £6.50 £441.00 £6.30
80kg £520.00 £6.50 £504.00 £6.30
90kg £585.00 £6.50 £567.00 £6.30
100kg £625.00 £6.25 £600.00 £6.00

We also offer the following to compliment our MPX food bait.

  • Hard hookers in 15mm and 18mm. These do not require freezing. £6 per pot.
  • Cork balls in 16mm. These are loving twice rolled and do not require freezing. £12 per pot.
  • Salmon oil. Top quality fresh Salmon oil. sold in 1 litre bottles. £15 per bottle.
  • Hi attract paste. Made using 100% attractors, no eggs. does not require freezing. £10 per pot.
  • Boilie paste. Straight off the rollers. Requires freezing. £8 per kilo.

Tech Spec

  • Protein. 42.6 %
  • Fats and oils. 9.8 %
  • Fibre 6.5 %...
  • Ash 5.0 %
  • Sodium 0.7 %
  • 1 kg of 15mm boilie's contains approx. 410 baits.
  • 1 kg of 18mm boilie's contains approx. 215 baits.

The first limiting amino acid is Methionine and the second is Tryptophan.

Colour is a deep red/brown.

MPX contains NO preservatives, No colourings, NO artificial flavourings


Item Prices (Delivered free with rolled bait)
Hard hook baits (15mm or 18mm) £6 per pot
Cork ball pop ups (16mm only) £12 per pot
High Attract Paste/stick mix £10 per large pot
Boile Paste (standard) £8